Sabrina White

School of Politics and International Studies, Faculty of Social Science

Improving UNA UK’s strategy to lobby the UK government on its policy at the UN on sexual exploitation and abuse in Peacekeeping Missions

PGR Placement


The United Nationals Associated in the UK (UNA-UK) provides analysis of pressing global issues and works to influence the UK government’s policy at the United Nations (UN). This placement will be based around UNA-UK’s work with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) on the Protection from Sexual Violence Initiative (PSVI) and the UK’s policy on sexual exploitation and abuse perpetrated by UN personnel in peacekeeping operations. The FCO is hosting a PSCI conference in summer 2020, and is undergoing a joint review of UK policy on sexual violence alongside peacekeeper abuses.

UNA-UK will need expertise during event discussions and for outputs following the event, in addition to assistance updating their Mission Justice campaign on peacekeeping abuses and its related Together 1st campaign on global governance. In return, they will help me develop skills to influence UK policy. This conference, the analysis and UNA-UK policy briefings that will come out of this event, and related consultation meetings at the FCO signify an important opportunity for influencing international policy on sexual violence and sexual exploitation, and especially to work towards its prevention and justice for victims.