Professor Anne Tallontire

School of Earth and Environment

Embedding a learning culture and facilitating Fairtrade – academic links

Responsive Mode Impact Fund


This project contributes to ongoing work to enable Fairtrade International (FI) to become a ‘learning organisation’ including the development of a framework for academic engagement. FI wishes to promote a learning culture to foster its mission to “secure a better deal for farmers and workers”, so that research finds are better understood and applied by members of the Fairtrade International network (including producer networks). FI has an online learning platform of resources, but these resources (and their connection to the Fairtrade theory of change and governance processes) need to be more accessible and practically applicable to members of the network with different skills, interests and resources, and also to foster a culture of learning that draws on evidence, as well as practice.

Drawing on research on processes and governance within the fairtrade movement, this project has two interrelated objectives, to:

  • Co-produce tools from academic research on processes of participatory, multi-stakeholder standard development and the theory of change to make them more accessible and practically applicable across the system;
  • Draw on this experience to help shape a framework for collaboration with academics to enhance the uptake and usefulness of research within the organisation and movement.