PPRU Partnership

Professor Andrew Brown

Leeds University Business School

Responsive Mode Impact Fund

A collaboration between iBUILD and FESSUD research, the Cities Theme, the PPRU, and Leeds City Council, the project will:

  • Generate a report on the valuation, financing and funding of systems of provision in the Leeds City Region. Firstly, the report will place local authority valuation, financing and funding considerations within the context of ‘financialisation’. Financialisation refers to the increasing prominence and emerging new roles for finance at local, national and international scales over the past thirty years or so. Financialisation has been studied extensively by FESSUD and iBUILD research from which the report will draw. Secondly, the report will assess whether, when places within the wider context of financialisation, it is possible to identify new insights on valuation, financing and funding of systems of provision that can aid the local authority in meeting its long-term economic, social and environmental objectives.
  • Aided by the generation of the report, develop structures and processes to facilitate collaboration between University researchers on this topic and local and regional authorities and stakeholders. Our rationale is as follows: Cities, iBUILD and FESSUD have extensive local, national and international stakeholder networks. Structures, processes and strategic principles are required to facilitate long-run collaborations with these stakeholder to yield ongoing policy impacts. Experience suggests that co-production of a policy report, linked to specific policy decisions and processes, can significantly aid such structured collaboration (e.g. the influence of iBUILD/Leeds on HM Treasury Green Book guidelines).