Low Carbon Behaviour Change in Organisations

Dr Milena Buchs

School of Earth and Environment

Responsive Mode Impact Fund

Even though the UK has been making progress cutting its carbon emissions over the last few years, increased effort will be required for it to meet the emission reduction targets set by the Climate Change Act. Behaviour change by residents and employees within organisations, and changes in organisational procedures will be important components of carbon reduction because technological change on its own is likely to be insufficient. This area of work is a priority for Leeds Climate Commission which seeks to provide guidance on best practice for low carbon action and to promote the rollout of robust schemes.

Delivered through the umbrella of Leeds Climate Commission, this project has the following aims:

  • Deliver two low carbon interventions to ~140 staff of eco-developer CITU (Carbon Conversations, including residents) and ITV (Carbon Literacy) with the aim to reduce participants’, and wider organisations carbon footprints;
  • Measure the carbon reduction impact of the first aim through before/after surveys and carbon calculators;
  • Based on the evaluation results, work with CITU and ITV to develop organisational mechanisms that can maintain and increase carbon savings in the long term;
  • Produce a policy brief to aid replication of carbon saving actions within other organisations.