Dr Lata Narayanaswamy

School of Politics and International Studies

Enabling Effective Research Collaboration for Global Development: tackling tensions in knowledge, evidence and impact agendas

Responsive Mode Impact Fund


Multi-stakeholder, academic-practitioner collaborations are crucial for international development. Experiences of them have been mixed, however, and shown that they need support to make them work. This project advances ideas and methodologies for making such partnerships work more effectively for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Partnership challenges across research, donors, private sector, government and civil society were initially explored at the Civil Society, Democracy and Development Research Cluster launch at the University of Leeds (June 2016). They were again sharply in focus at the November 2016 LSSI/CGD Leeds International Development Conference ‘Vulnerability and Resilience’. At both events, stakeholders sought better understandings of disjunctures and potential synergies of differing agendas around ‘evidence’, ‘impact’ and ‘knowledge’.

Using an online seminar format, the project deepens and extends the ongoing dialogue by bringing together actors from Leeds’ and INTRAC’s global networks who could not otherwise meet. The online format is a well established and effective format for bringing together people with limited time and funding capacity to debate critical issues that impact on successful development initiatives. The seminar will facilitate dialogue and development of effective partnership working, new research agendas and provide new guidance to inform successful collaborative research to tackle global development challenges and achieve the SDGs.