Increasing the impacts of Mixed Ability Sport: redefinition, resources & impact planning

Dr Jen Dyer

School of Earth and Environment

Knowledge Exchange Fellowship

The Mixed Ability (MA) Model represents and innovative approach to promoting social inclusion through sport and education. The Model started with MA Rugby and was defined as ‘players with and without learning and/or physical disabilities competing together in a mainstream, non-adapted version of the game’. The Model has now expanded to other sports and attracted a huge range of participants who previously faced barriers to participation in sport regardless of (dis)ability. The original definition therefore no longer encompasses MA Sport. This has become one of the key challenges to promoting the Model. International Mixed Ability Sports (IMAS) would like to develop evidence-based resources which concisely define the MA model and its impacts to attract new participants, funding and sponsorship, and to approach new organisations such as Sport National Governing Bodies, and policymakers, to increase their impact.

This project will use previous and current research to redefine MA and to co-develop resources and a Theory of Change focussed on impact with IMAS and other stakeholders. This requires a knowledge exchange project where Jen uses her knowledge of research findings and experience with participatory research methods, Theory of Change and developing research outputs, alongside IMAS’ knowledge and experience of the MA Model and developing accessible resources, their future priorities and their networks.

A research summary is available here