Dr Carly Lightowlers

School of Sociology and Social Policy

Sharing insights on hate crime: new methods and forms of data

Responsive Mode Impact Fund


Understanding hate crime is a priority for police forces across England and Wales. Since the recent EU referendum there has been renewed emphasis on the importance of preventing hate crime and providing support for victims. THis project will develop new relations between academics, Lancashire Constabulary and the Safer Lancashire Partnership with which to drive improvements in policing and service provision for victims of religiously and racially motivated hate crime.

The project will exchange learning between academic partners and policing colleagues in methods for overlaying demographic, voting and Twitter data with routinely captured police data in novel ways to develop a richer and more nuanced understanding of the dynamic and changing risks to communities. The proposed project has been designed with Lancashire Constabulary and Safe Lancashire to enable them to develop new methods for analysing data in relation to hate crime. The learning from the project will assist crime prevention and community safety partners to target finite resources more effectively to prevent hate crime and provide suitable services for victims by targeting communities of greatest risk. Moreover, it will develop their skills in using new data sets and methods which can later be applied to other crime ‘problems’.