Victoria Pattinson

School of Sociology and Social Policy

‘Awareness & Action Questionnaire’

PGR Placement

Awareness & Action is a training that teaches people with intellectual/developmental difficulties and their support persons about how to “recognise, report and respond” to violence (Disabled Persons Protection Commission). It is facilitated across Massachusetts by regional training teams comprised of persons with and without disabilities. At the end of the training participants are asked to completed a questionnaire which tests what they have learned in the training.

An evaluation of the Awareness & Action training has identified several limitations to this questionnaire.

The purpose of this research is to address these limitations in order to develop a new questionnaire.

The research will:

  • Clarify what programme practitioners specifically think the questionnaire will test programme participants have learned
  • Plan how the resulting questionnaire data can be used for monitoring purposes of the training
  • Improve accessibility by using simpler words and including pictures
  • Pilot the draft accessible questionnaire with at least five persons who have intellectual/developmental disabilities, and then revise the questionnaire accordingly
  • Report findings to the DPPC to: potentially further improve the curriculum and other educational materials; and develop follow-on plans to use the questionnaire data for monitoring purposes.