Sinead Marian D’Silva

School of Physics and Astronomy/School of Education

Intersectionalities of Economic and Social Inequality

PGR Placement

This project relates to the intersectional realities of income inequality and disadvantaged groups in society, and will be undertaken with The Equality Trust. The Equality Trust is the national charity that works to improve the quality of life in the UK by reducing economic inequality through national and local campaigns. Income inequality is a pressing concern in the UK which is the 7th most unequal OECD country. Such disadvantage in British society is coupled with additional penalties for each protected characteristic that people embody. There is therefore a need to engage with the intersectional realities of multiple-disadvantaged people, particularly within the context of increased intolerance as seen in the rhetoric of Brexit, and its associated uncertainties. The project outcomes will add an extremely useful additional aspect to The Equality Trust’s campaign on income and social equality to reflect, reach and engage a more diverse range of people.