Ian Marder

School of Law

Inclusive growth in the Leeds City Region: Developing university-local government collaboration

PGR Placement


Although the Leeds City Region has experienced substantial growth in recent decades, the benefits of this growth have been much more keenly felt in some of its constituent parts than in others. In response, Leeds City Council (LCC), in partnership with other local Councils and organisations, has developed a new Inclusive Growth Programme (IGP) in order to ensure that the benefits of growth are more widely and fairly distributed.

The purpose of this project is to investigate the work being undertaken by universities and academics int he Leeds City Region, which relates to the concept of inclusive growth. The objectives are twofold: to inform IGP partners about the research, projects and other activities taking place in local universities which may help to develop or achieve inclusive growth: and to enable IGP partners to engage with local academics in relation to this project.

Following the collaborative identification of key themes for the study, the researcher will use university websites and google scholar to investigate academics, research projects and other activities taking place within local universities, creating databases of people, information and resources which can be utilised by IGP partners in the future.