Rapid Action Fund

Funding of up to £2k is available (consideration will be given for funding above this maximum threshold if sufficient justification of the exceptional nature of the project and the need for rapid and flexible funding is provided)

The rapid action fund will allow social scientists to react quickly to influence governmental, national and international debate, or respond to tactical, urgent and pressing opportunities in short timescales.
This funding could be used for but not limited to:

  • The creation of short term impact projects
  • Workshops, events, conferences or meetings that may inform impact
  • Travel to meet with national policy departments (this does not include travel to attend conferences)
  • Developing and pitching ideas for broadcast media

There will be no official deadline for rapid action fund calls, these will be assessed on a rolling basis by the IAA Coordinator, Award Panel members and LSSI Director. However, applicants are encouraged, where possible, to submit in response to the quarterly Calls for Application each year. Funding is only available for a small number of rapid action fund requests per year (no more than six), due to this successful applicants will not be allowed to submit a further application request for this award within that given year.

Documents & Application Form