Social Science Internships

A new initiative for the IAA, the Social Science Internships programme will be incorporated into the existing Leeds Institute of Data Analytics (LIDA) Data Scientist Internship Programme.

The programme will provide recent social science masters students (or equivalent) with the opportunity to collaborate with an academic supervisor and an external organisation to complete a specific research task.

The academic supervisor will work with businesses or other organisations to devise a research question and project and then provide guidance and mentorship to the intern. The projects will vary dependent on the organisation and academic, but this might include the analysis or visualisation of data (e.g. archival, qualitative or ‘big data’) or the formulation of engagement projects.

Proposals will need to include engagement with an external partner and fully comply with the LIDA Data Scientist Internship Programme guidance. Successful applicants will then be matched with an intern to complete the project.

Recruitment for internships will be advertised via the University of Leeds jobs pages as training posts (grade 5). All interns will be hosted by LIDA and receive full mentorship and training and development opportunities.

LIDA Internships 2019/2020

Data Science for Low-Carbon Cities
Advancing Analytics for Police Resource Deployment