ESRC IAA Funding Support for the LIDA Data Scientist Internship Programme

The ESRC Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) can offer funding support for the LIDA Data Scientist Internship Programme for a small number of suitable projects. In order to be eligible for this funding, projects would need to meet the LIDA criteria and the following ESRC IAA criteria:

  • Project proposals must align with the ESRC’s disciplinary remit
  • Projects should have the potential to deliver economic, cultural and /or societal benefit to organisations or citizens outside academia
  • It should be clear how, if successful, the proposed work would generate further opportunities to secure funding in the future
  • Projects cannot include new research – i.e. the collection and/or analysis of new primary data

Full details on the LIDA scheme are below:

LIDA is now accepting project proposals for its Data Scientist Internship Programme 2021/22 which will commence in Oct 2021.

Projects should adhere to the following criteria:

  • Projects should be of either 6 or 12 months in length, to start either 4th Oct 2021 or 4th April 2022 (12 month projects will start on 4th Oct 2021)
  • Include EITHER an external partner OR interdisciplinary project team (or indeed both)
  • Be clear over what objectives and outcomes are expected and how the intern will benefit from these
  • Long-term potential: is it clear how the proposed work could lead to further funding opportunities, e.g. grant applications?
  • Value for money – is the proposed work proportionate with a 6-month/ 12-month intern project?

It is desirable that projects also:

  • Strengthen LIDA’s research portfolio beyond ESRC and MRC to other Research Councils
  • Have the potential to lead to 4*/3* research outputs
  • Develop new data analytics methods and tools for deployment amongst researchers and partners

How to apply

Please complete the online form available via Microsoft Forms here

Unfortunately there is no ‘save and submit later’ function via MS Forms therefore you will need to complete your application in one sitting. The questions are also available here, to allow you to prepare your answers in advance and then cut and paste these into the online form to submit your proposal. To complete this form, you will need:

  • An Office 365 account in order to access MS Forms
  • Project, funding, partner and data details
  • The account code of your internal grant account if you are self-funding your project (or an account code from your School to underwrite project costs if your grant is not yet set up)
  • A letter of support from your external partner: this can be uploaded to the MS Form in section 2

Your proposal will automatically be sent to Programme Co-ordinator Kylie Norman once submitted online. You will have the option to download or print a copy of your responses once you have submitted your proposal.

Project Costs

Each six month project must budget £18,500, including:

  • Intern salary costs
  • £1500 training, development, travel and subsistence budget for exclusive use of the intern
  • £1500 of management costs

Please note that costs of using the secure, cloud-based Leeds Analytic Secure Environment for Research (LASER) for data hosting and access will be additional to the costs itemised above, and quotes for use of LASER (if relevant) should be obtained directly from LIDA’s Data Analytics Team at and referenced in your proposal.

Deadline for this call: 5pm 28th April 2021

Further information about the LIDA Data Scientist Internship Programme is available from:

Kylie Norman, Programme Co-ordinator:

Paul Evans, LIDA Research & Innovation Development Manager: