An update on Pride in the Field (PIF)

PRIDE IN THE FIELD (PIF): Promoting Inclusive Fieldwork Spaces for LGBTQ+ Workers in Research, Policy and Practice, is led by Dr Martin Zebracki in the School of Geography.

Through knowledge exchange, developing community support and co-production of resources, PIF supports global beneficiaries in pursuing socially important fieldwork in (more) inclusive and safe ways. This project is the first of its kind to shift focus to impact policies and practices supporting fieldworkers identified and affiliated with LGBTQ+ communities. The project is currently developing a web-based platform to provide supportive fieldworking resources, including LGBTQ+ rights information, continuous support and emergency help for LGBTQ+(-allied) fieldworkers.

The project is funded through Leeds Social Sciences Institute’s ESRC Impact Acceleration Account through the Responsive Mode Impact Fund.

Geography Directions blog series

Since April, the project team have collaborated on a blog series with Geography Directions spotlighting LGBTQ+-Inclusive Fieldwork Practices.

The blog series aims to engage researchers across disciplines in a conversation about LGBTQ+ Inclusive fieldwork practices, which the project will draw on in developing findings and recommendations. This centres around key issues facing LGBTQ+ researchers, the challenges of researching LGBTQ+ communities and steps that institutions can take to ensure safety of LGBTQ+ researchers and research participants.

Film screening

To mark the end of Pride Month 2021, the project team will also be hosting a film screening of the Pride is Protest, along with a Q&A with the director, Filip Tielens. This event is in collaboration with their project partners the LGBTQ+ Field Network.

The film screening is open to everyone and will take place on 1st July between 2pm-4pm. More information is available through Eventbrite